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Winifred Fairchild's Journal

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25th December 2002

1:02 am: Yule Ball!
Well, it was fun. It was. And there wasn't any Black to bother anyone. Altaira and I danced a bit. She's a great person. As long as she's my friend, I think I'll manage in keeping my sanity. For the most part, Professor Wolfe was in a horrible mood, as is always her boyfriend (yuck). Anyway, it was still fun. Muggle food is disgusting and greasy. Even after the Headmaster's suggestion of soaking the grease on the cheese of this ..pizza thing, it was gross. And the bubbles of that "pop" got up my nose. It was all rather horrible. Remind me to voice my opposition for it the next time a Muggle dinner is suggested.

The Magical Mistletoe is quite a dilemma. As long as I don't run into Snape or Lockhart, I'll be fine, I think.

Happy Christmas, children and staff!
Current Mood: amused

16th December 2002

4:16 pm: Christmas preparations
After grading a whole stack of papers for the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs in Year 6, I went off searching for the other professors. Not so much the mean ones, but at least someone to talk to. I knew that Professor Sinistra would not be up for several more hours, so that ruled out one professor to speak to. I walked down to the Great Hall and surely enough, Professor Wolfe was there. She's practically everywhere. *cringes* I tried to help her with the ornaments, but obviously she did not appreciate it. Then Professor Snape came in as well. ...I tried to keep away from him, I did.

However, Professor Dumbledore walked in and after deciding with Professor Wolfe to have a Muggle Christmas Feast (yuck...I've only had....chips once, but it was disgusting), he pulled me out to talk to me as well as to go off to the kitchens and see about the Christmas feast. He asked me what was wrong. I told him about the Sirius Black situation. But he explained that Black can't do anything to me over the internet... And that it still might not even be him. He's right. Still, it frustrates me so greatly.
Current Mood: calm

12th December 2002

11:21 pm: ...Huh. I was trying to turn Darling (my ferret for those of you who don't know) into a hand bell when she just freaked out and ran under my desk. She was fine with being transfigured for previous classes; but for some reason she just didn't want to cooperate. I had to borrow a student's pet bat to show the class. Finally, I lured her out from under the desk with some chicken soup. That wasn't a pleasant class period.
Current Mood: listless

9th December 2002

12:42 pm: I don't know...I really don't.
I heard about 'surveys.'...Collapse )

And why on earth is Black commenting in my journal?!
Current Mood: irritated

7th December 2002

2:29 am: Splendid afternoon, indeed.
Had tea in the staff room with Professor Sinistra. It was warm and cozy and ever so nice. Hmph, the castle's freezing, positively freezing. So it was a refreshing change. Corrected some papers. Yes. Mr. Longbottom's paper summarizing pages 65-86 of Intermediate Transfiguration was a bit...rough, shall we say, but he showed effort. So I gave him a good mark. No need to be picky.

However, as I got to the last paper that needed to be corrected, Professor Wolfe stormed into the room bellowing about Professor Snape burning some of her Muggle fashion magazines that she had apparently left on his bed. Er... I didn't stay around for long. She scares me. She's so loud, rude, and baudy. She's mean like Snape, but on the opposite end of the emotion spectrum, I'd suppose. She's happy a lot, but angry-happy, whereas he is angry-angsty. Weird, isn't it? I don't much like Snape either. Didn't like James Potter or Sirius Black either. Too rowdy. Those kids were too much. When I'd see them, I'd think, "Goodness, it almost seems that the kids succeeding me are getting stupider and more annoying." But the kids now...They're so cute. And mostly good. ^_^
Current Mood: cold

1st December 2002

11:32 pm: Oh dear!
Poor little dear... Harry fell. =( Those nasty Dementors... I hadn't been at the Quidditch match--those give me the willies--, but I heard about it from others. Professor Lockhart told me about how he helped Dumbledore chase off the Dementors and about all the other stuff, too.

I'll be sure to bring some lollies to Harry in the infirmary. :) Everyone likes sweets, don't they?
Current Mood: worried

9th November 2002

10:16 pm: Ack!
Children are becoming rather cheeky. Mr. Weasley was bothering Professor Lockhart the other day at The Three Broomsticks.

And now they're all teasing Black. Are they mad? It's bad enough that Black managed to sneak into Hogwarts, but now the children are actually making contact with him. I don't know what to do. Professor Dumbledore had better do something about this.. I'm rather worried.
Current Mood: nervous

2nd November 2002

10:49 pm: Augh!
I read in ...Professor..Snape's journal that it WAS Black dancing with me. ARGH! Now...I feel scared. o_o I knew he escaped Azkaban, but does this mean that he'll be able to come and go as he likes in Hogwarts? ...Ergh... He'd better not try anything with the children. I'm glad they're safe in their dormatories, what with the passwords and all.
Current Mood: worried
4:33 pm: Ack. =(
Last night was very odd. Extremely odd.

I was at the Hallowe'en party we were having. I was dressed up as a bumblebee to, you know, display my house pride, being a faithful former Hufflepuff. Things were boring at first; Lockhart regaled me with more stories of his past. And I also made sure that the refreshment tables were in order (all the little darling children were disturbing my lovely arrangements).

Then after awhile, some strange man started dancing with me. I couldn't see his face at all. But his eyes.. They were beautiful, indeed, but wild. He didn't say anything to me. I was rather scared. And confused. He kept leading us over to Mr. Weasley, who was dressed up as a darling little pirate, and Miss Candidum, who was dressed up as...I don't know. The man was watching Mr. Weasley rather intently. I didn't understand it. However, I had my wand ready if anything had happened. Then the headmaster and ....*gulps* Professor... Snape rushed over at us and the man ran away... But kissed me on the cheek before he left. O_O;;;; What the hell?!

After that, Madam Hooch tried to console me, but we got drunk with Professors Lockhart and Wolfe. I remember falling over on all of them, who were already all sprawled on the floor, but I forget what happened after that.
Current Mood: shocked

7th October 2002

3:17 pm: How odd. This morning I woke up with a raging headache and a quaffle lying between my sheets. I can't even remember what happened last night. ~_~
Current Mood: thirsty

30th September 2002

8:04 pm: Yesterday
I discovered that if I type very slowly, I don't make any mistakes. So I shall record my experiences yesterday.

I got to King's Cross around 10:00, so I decided to pass my time in a little cafe in the station itself ((OoC: bear with me. XD)). And observed the Muggles. They had tea, I saw, but I don't have that Muggle money... So I just sat there and watched them. There was a girl screaming, "Mummy, Mummy! I want a cookie!" And the mother did not look very happy, but bought her a cookie anyway. What a sweet little girl, though. I wanted to go over and pet her, but I decided to stay where I was. Darling, my ferret, was not exactly happy about being in his carrier, so I took him out. But the people didn't seem to like that, so I forced him back in. I was about to get up to head off to Platform 9 3/4 when suddenly who should walk in, but Gilderoy Lockhart himself. Seems that he wanted to buy tea, too, but the clerk wouldn't accept his wizards' money. The clerk was yelling something about "no Euro's!"--I didn't understand it, myself.

So I walked over and shyly introduced myself. He suddenly lit up and started telling me about all his fabulous adventures. I was rather bowled over about how my introduction launched him into a whole memory trip, but then if the newspaper articles are true, then I would guess that it doesn't take much to do that. We walked to the platform together. Then, once we got there, there were all these people from The Prophet, including that horrible woman Rita Skeeter. So I quickly bowed out and found my way onto the Hogwarts Express. Just as the train started, Lockhart was there, telling me about the time he ran into a banshee in Bavaria a couple years ago. We made our way and saw another teacher, as well as some students in a compartment. Well, guess what! It was Harry Potter and his little friends! I couldn't help myself, so I pinched Harry's cheeks. Such a little cutie. Wish I had a son like him. He was a little confused. Lockhart also seemed glad to see Harry. The teacher there was Remus Lupin, the new DADA teacher. He seemed like a nice fellow, for an adult. *grins* But then there was a dementor and Harry fell ill.. It was terrible.

After arriving to Hogwarts, I promptly went to the Great Hall and seated myself near Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor Lupin. Harry and his friends were nowhere in sight. Poor little dear. I hope he'll be alright. After the sorting and the feast (the sorting was done by Flitwick, who is the substitute deputy headmaster, but since he couldn't put the hat on the kids, Professor Sprout had to help him with that), I locked myself in my room and unpacked. I don't really want to meet any of the teachers. Especially Snape. I was in school with him, although he in the year after mine. What a snobby little brat.

Goodness! This took an hour to write. I feel so ashamed. ^_^;
Current Mood: hopeful

27th September 2002

10:43 pm: How od I do htis?
oh my hwo do i type im so cnfudse
Current Mood: confused
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